Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Need A Bigger Boat To Hold My Worry

OK, I’m totally freaking out right now….

A million things going on in my head and in my life and on top of it all is Sean going on his first REAL field trip in six years.


And it involves the city of Chicago…

And a boat.


I so can’t handle this.

After a couple of emails back and forth with the school I’ve secured a “buddy” for him to be with tomorrow.  I’m hoping that the kid won’t ditch him or dare him to jump into the lake.

Can you tell my imagination is on overdrive?

It’s THE CITY!!!!  And the lake…and a boat.

Holy crap!

Tonight we asked him if he knew his buddy. 

Sean said, “Yes.”

“Do you know what he looks like?”

“I know his voice.”

Oh kill me now… how am I not supposed to get in my car tomorrow and follow that bus?

“I think he has dark hair.”


Thankfully, Sean picked up his yearbook from school on Friday.  We grabbed it and looked through the Class of 2012 for any boys with Sean’s buddy’s name.

Only one… how lucky are we?!

Rich covered the names and held up the page for Sean in a pseudo-police-photo-lineup kind of thing.

Sean pointed him out.

Whew… but does that make me any less stressed about tomorrow?

Not a darn bit.

He’s going to be taking a camera and a cellphone with him on the trip.  I know he’ll leave the house with them secured in his pockets but will they come home?

Who knows?

I was at school on Friday – talking with a bunch of teachers in the front office.  Many of them are going on the trip tomorrow.  I made no excuses, was not a tad embarrassed, asking them to keep an eye on him.

They all love Sean and assured me that they would.

But I’m his mom and nobody… NOBODY… can look over my son… be overprotective and overbearing… quite like I can.


But I can’t follow the bus tomorrow.  I can’t meet him downtown and hold his hand and guide him from site to site on the tour.

I can’t be two feet behind him on the boat and remind him not to get too close to the railing.

I can’t…. but you know I want to.


I have his graduation and party and his sisters and all sorts of Life stuff to think about and worry about….

And now I have to worry about this trip.

This doggone trip…

At least he’ll be back by 4pm…



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