Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Camping We Will Go...Again

It’s that time of year again…. time for Boy Scout camp.


Let’s start by quoting Sean…

“Mom, are you excited?”

Oh, oh!  I know this one (as I picture myself wildly squirming in my desk seat, hand up in the air, desperate to be called upon).

The answer would be….


And yes, that’s my final answer!

Was it the messy house, the hot weather of this summer or a million other things that kept me from reaching epic excitement mode?  Or is it simply that this year was definitely not the year I was looking forward to camp?

Then again, sleeping in a tent for a week, eating camp food and getting eaten alive by unknown beasts of air and land is hardly on my bucket list or even something I want to write about in my “What I Did Over Summer” report.

No… nada… blyuck.

But I love my kid and you all know I’d do anything for him.  Thus, it is back to camp I go.

Unlike last year when Sean rode the bus with the rest of the troop and I followed in my car immersed in Barry Manilow heaven, we decided that it was best for Sean to stay back and ride with me.

He wasn’t thrilled with the idea until I explained to him exactly the comforts (or lack there of) of riding in a 15-passenger van with… well… 14 other people.

No dvd player.  No room to spread out.  No control over the radio station.

Besides, they were leaving an hour earlier. 

“Don’t you want to sleep in a bit?”


It really had little to do with my being a helicopter mom.  Am I one?  Proudly!  But this time it was different.  Sean has been having major anxiety issues.  Whether it is due to high school or the mere thought of high school or whether or not the sun will come up tomorrow (bet your bottom dollar that it will!), the kid is one chest-tightened, heart- fluttering ball of anxiousness.

The last thing he needed was 4 hours in a crowded van with noise and uncertain bathroom and food breaks.

And let’s not forget, one less hour of sleep!

So off to camp we went….

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