Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Blog

By Sean Lehning:             

Summer is finally here. I look forward to playing retro video games with my dad (my favorite is Dig-Dug, because I am not good at the other games, especially Robotron, as I am not coordinated enough for its “shoot in all directions with one joystick and move in all directions with the other” setup).

I look back on a very rough freshman year. First I had a hard web design class (which I could not handle at all), but it was switched to an art class. Then the last part of the year was hard as the math class I was in moved into more advanced subjects (the class also doesn’t have a textbook). I also had all AP and honors classes, which was difficult.

                Socially, it was pretty easy (although I can’t have a girlfriend, because if I do all the other girls that know me will be sad that they weren’t chosen), but I had to say goodbye to a very special friend.

                I have only 4 merit badges and an eagle project to get Eagle rank. We are using the lessons learned from freshman year to make for a better sophomore year.

                But I remember the past I have left behind. I know most of you have less functioning children, but I was low functioning when I was born. I would never sleep at night, and I would have screaming tantrums and have to be restrained by my parents. I would freak out over little things (years ago, I saw a bug on a swing set and never went outside that summer). I was not functioning at all.

                But I improved, and I hope you can too.

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