Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Search of "Great"

Sean wound up having pneumonia.

I know!!!  Who knew???

So much for that instinct I bragged about…

I thought strep…maybe bronchitis…most likely the lots-of-liquid, totally untreatable, go home and wait it out virus.

But never pneumonia…

As you can imagine, it’s been an exhausting week.

Sean slept and I worried.

I kept a mental note on every cough, every sigh, and every throat clearing.

Was he getting better or was he getting worse?

What did he eat?  How much did he eat?  When will he eat again?

Is he cold?  Is he warm? 

It scared me when he would shiver.

While I am considered the “medical” person in the family who generally takes cares of appointments and emergency room visits, I’m glad that Rich took Sean in that night.

I don’t know why I relinquished my Super Mom/Control Freak powers to him that night.  In the back of my mind was I thinking that I couldn’t physically handle holding him down for a shot if he needed one?  What about the emotional toll?

The two-hour ordeal from his 6th grade physical may not have been far from my memory.

In the end, it was best that Rich went.  Sean did wind up having to get a shot.  It was not quite the marathon of the last time but it did continue to the point where Rich had to tell Sean that it was over and the band aid was already going on.

What was Sean’s comment after it?

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Wow…not even a “great.”

Whatever was in that shot did wonders and the next day the fever had broken.

It took a couple of days before Sean ventured out of his room to play the computer.  His appetite though is still not back to its teenage-grazing-get-out-of-the-pantry self yet.

He’s starting to get annoyed with me asking him every 5 minutes how he’s doing.

I can only surmise that a “great” will be coming along soon.

I wish there was a magic shot for all of what ails us in Life or at least something to give us the inability to see the worst of the moment and answer “great” to every question regarding one’s disposition.

But there’s not.

Sucks to be us, huh?

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