Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hooters Therapy

Sean likes girls.  He’s said so.

In fact, he’s said it many times.

About every 20 minutes type of many times.

Yep, he likes girls.

The only problem is, is that he doesn’t look at girls.

Talking with them?  Having an actual conversation with them? 

Yea, right… are you kidding??

Let’s start with just looking and we’ll leave the rest for later.

Sean differentiates people by the sound of their voices.  At times his system has found its flaws… a woman with a lower pitch or a pre-pubescent boy.  But over the years his way has served him as well as can be expected.

Thus, the idea… the need… to learn to look at people fell to the wayside.

Now girls are saying “Hi” to him in the hallway.  They say “Hi” to him at his sister’s basketball games.

He’s even made the bathroom wall…. I (heart) Shawn Lehning.

Awww… if only she knew how to spell his name….

So who are these girls that have sought out the company of my handsome son by uttering one simple two-letter word?

Sean has no idea.

Why?  Because he doesn’t know what they look like.

He couldn’t pick them out of line-up interspersed with NFL players.

Heck, he doesn’t even know their names.

How crushed would the female population of 13-year old girls in Elk Grove Village be if they knew that their great love didn’t even know their names, let alone if Sally has red hair or was that Molly???

He’s completely unaware of his heartbreaker status.

So with that in mind, as well as a gift card to a local Hooters restaurant, we charged Sean with one simple task…

LOOK at the girls.

Laugh all you want but amongst all the therapies out there… all the things we parents have tried… all the hype that we have bought into… this scheme is crazy enough to work.

It didn’t.

But he did enjoy himself enough to say that he wanted to go back.

He said the food was good.


My boy goes to Hooters and talks about the food.


A bonus was when an employee noticed his gymnastics shirt and commented on it.

WOW… an opportunity for conversation!!!!  With a girl no doubt!!!!

Yea… that didn’t work out either.

As Sean summed it up, “Conversation failure.”

I look at it this way….

The total meal before gift card was $34…. A heck of lot cheaper than therapy, less paperwork hassle and it included food.

The employees were nice and friendly, very professional.   I certainly wouldn’t have to worry about them teasing him or breaking his heart like 8th grade girls would tend to do.

He did, in fact, work on his independence and communication skills by ordering his entire meal himself.

And for once Sean didn’t complain about going out of the house…especially since today was his first day off of a weeklong banishment from the computer for disrespecting me.

Sounds like a win-win situation all around, don’t you think?

This “Hooters Therapy” might just work out after all.

Now the only question remaining would be…. 

Will my insurance company cover it???


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