Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shoe Laces and the Passing of Time

As usual, Sean was in his typical mode - somewhere between slow and calculated - and I was rushing around to make sure my newly partially-integrated junior high kid was not late for school.  While I watched the clock to see how fast time was ticking by, he watched the clock to make sure he got in his FDA required amount of time brushing his teeth.

To help save time, and my sanity, I went to the front entryway to grab Sean's shoes.  I figured I would untie them and save what, oh say, 30 seconds???  I grabbed them and started to walk away.

Then I stopped.  Stuck in a memory.

The left shoe was tied in a single bow knot.  The right had a double bow knot.


I stared some more.

Normal, I said again to myself.

Sean didn't learn how to tie his shoes until he was in 2nd grade.  Low frustration level, fine motor skill difficulties.... It took months and months and in the end, it wasn't even me who taught him this great milestone in life.  I remember being in the waiting room of his occupational therapist when Kam came out and announced to everyone, "Sean just tied his shoes."  Everyone celebrated that moment because you know us "waiting room parents"... we are sometimes our only support system.  We become family....

I cried as any proud parent would.

Of course Sean never wanted to waste his time in life dealing with the trivial matter of tying and untying his shoes so for years he would knot the laces until there was no lace left.  Six, seven, eight knots.  Every now and then I'd untie them all so he could practice tying his shoes.

Today I picked up his shoes and was stunned.


When did that happen?

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