Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sleeping Through The Night....At Age 8

I'm tired today.  Not because of  twelve-year-old Sean but because of his croup-y, four-year-old sister Ashley.  Sleep is such a rarity.  I barely remember slumbering for a full eight hours....

Sean finally started sleeping through the night when he was 8 years old.  If you already did the math, that was right about the time we brought Ashley home. 

Talk about bad timing!!!!

It would take him hours and hours to unwind and eventually pass out.  We tried everything - classical music, lavender in the bath water, even bought a fish tank with bubblier.  We even tried - against all of our parental instincts - medication.  Of course, being hyper-sensitive to any medication we seemed to give him at the time, the prescription sleep aide we gave him had him awake for 48 hours and he forgot his alphabet.

Even when he did finally fall asleep he would continue to wake through the night.  Afraid of the dark?  Night terrors?  Who knew?  But it was shredding our sanity bit by bit.

It was an off-hand remark at some function by someone we didn't know who saved us.  We tried a natural supplement and it worked!  Even better.... it hardly cost a thing!!!! 

He slept... and we slept.  Peace at last.  Until the baby cried....

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