Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Dream Come True For Mom, mom, mom....

Having had Ashley sleep with me last night, I awoke at 6:16 this morning to find the plastic baggie containing her first lost tooth adhered to my belly and my fingers clutching two quarters under the pillow.

Oh, to be a mom....

Mother's Day is simple around here.  Carissa made a coupon book promising, amongst other things, a one-hour massage (massage-er not identified - probably Daddy), Ashley gave me a pin she made in preschool, and Sean brought me breakfast in bed.

So cute.... and this time Sean did not make the Rice Krispies with milk the day before and hide it in the toy box.

Like I said... Oh, to be a mom.

I remember the day I became a mom.....

After 25 hours of labor, an emergency c-section, and a complication that dropped my heart rate to next to nothing.... I became a mom.

Sean's mom.

Nothing was more important to me than that little six pound bundle that looked like E.T.

The 60 extra pounds I carried, the spider veins, the stretch marks....  nothing mattered except him.

I had always secretly wanted to be a mom - even when I was in college and fiercely professing not only my independence but my desire to not succumb to the 2.5 children, white picket fence, and minivan lifestyle.

Deep down, I couldn't wait to hear a little one call me "Mom."

And then Sean did.... alot.... over and over again.

He would sit in another room - isn't it always the furthest room from you? - and call out "Mom, mom, mom..."  An endless stream of moms would have me running to the room to answer his every need.

I'd get there and the moms would continue as if he was unaware I was there.

I would ask, "Sean, what do you want?"

He would only go on with "mom, mom, mom..."

Overtime I grew accustomed to it - knowing the difference between wanting me and saying it merely to say it.  It was akin to knowing your baby's cry.

I never did figure out why he chose "mom" as his vehicle by which to stim by.  Only once do I ever remember getting frustrated and asking him why he called me all the time.  It was, after all, my dream....

Eventually, sadly, it stopped one day.

But I'm still his mom...

And I'm also Carissa's mom and Ashley's mom.

Hardly anyone knows me as Frances and I'm fine with that.

Because I'm a mom... and there's nothing better in this world to be.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there.  Be safe and enjoy your day!

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