Monday, May 9, 2011

God Bless the U.S.A....And the Fruit of the Loom Guys

I should be happy this morning...  Had a great day yesterday.  Slept fairly well last night.  Carissa did not upchuck on the carpeting after informing us that she felt sick at midnight.  And, during this morning's drive to school, the road construction did not cause me to back up the length of a block or do one of those 3-point turns that I loved so much in drivers' ed.

Sad, it takes so little to make me smile.  Thus, a good mood should be overwhelming my senses right about now.


I had an argument with Sean over saying the Pledge of Allegiance and respecting his country.

I know... not exactly what you want to do at 7:34 in the morning but in my world, that's what happens. 

I wonder if mornings with "typical" 12 year-olds ever get like this???

It all started with Sean questioning the reason why he had to say the Pledge every day at school.  I didn't have a tangible reason to give him.  Memorization?  Filler for the first few minutes of the day?  I couldn't come up with something that Sean could understand - or more importantly - accept.

Sensing he might be simply anxious to get through it and begin his day, I told him that as adults we hardly ever say the Pledge of Allegiance.  In fact, except for Boy Scouts where it's said every week, I'm not sure exactly when the last time was. 

I also told him it was about respect. 

Which brought us to the next topic.... our country.  He came up with his version of a joke about the government not trusting its citizens and then forayed into the country not deserving respect.

I looked up at the clock and sighed.  It's just too early for me to be this "on."

Not wanting to get into a debate about the current government with my son, I chose to keep it non-partisan and go with.... Your country and your government officials are two separate entities.  You don't necessarily have to respect the job that the people are doing, but you always have to respect the country which gives you the right to do so.

Hmmmm.... not bad.  I mentally patted myself on the back.

I think he knew from my tone that I was perturbed with him and he quickly exited the room.

I'm all for my son questioning things.  I think it's one of the best ways to learn.  However, he is so stubborn and fights against the smallest, most "normal" of things, that I can't help but get frustrated at times.

Why should the issue of wearing underwear every day cause gray hairs to sprout from my head?

Maybe I can go with the angle that the country gives him the right to go commando.  He would certainly respect that.

Then again, I'm the mom.

And what I say goes.

So put your skivvies on and say that Pledge, Sean... because I said so!

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