Monday, May 16, 2011

Pancakes and Pretty Girls


Ahhhhhh, if only I were really hearing that while staying in a hotel in an exotic locale....

But, alas, I am here outside of Chicago and my two favourite Aspie's of reality tv have essentially been voted off the island.  American Idol's James Durbin came in 4th.  While not winning, I'm sure he will have a stellar career as a result of the exposure.

Zev & Justin, as well, did not win Amazing Race.   In fact, take a guess as to what place they came in - and the first 3 don't count.  Yep.... 4th!

Kudos to the guys for going for it and making us proud!!!

Now on to the blog....

What a weekend!!!! 

We try to keep weekends relatively stress-free for Sean.  He knows he has gymnastics practice every Saturday morning.  And though I moan about waking up so early on a weekend, Sean doesn't mind it at all.  In fact, he looks forward to it.  He loves the pounding, the jumping, the running...

Other than practice, we avoid must-do's as much as we can.  Sean's week is difficult enough.  He attends two different schools - being transported between them in the middle of the day.  He has therapy during the week after school.  He has Boy Scouts.  And then he has to get hauled around by me to whatever events his sister's might have or come to my work and wait in the babysitting room until Rich can pick him up.

It's rough for a kid who simply wants to come home after school every day and decompress.

Sean needs his down time....

However, taking this weekend off was not an option.

I felt working at the food pantry on Saturday restocking their shelves was important.  It was being part of the community, reaching out, helping others.  I was hoping that it would be a good experience for him -  physically, emotionally, socially.  And it was.... it was great.

He worked really hard and one day he's going to realize what a wonderful thing he did.

On Sunday, Sean's Boy Scout troop was having a pancake breakfast.  Not going is not acceptable.  Sean signed himself up for a 2-hour shift earlier in the week.  I was surprised when he showed such initiative.   I know I shouldn't be... he is, after all, growing up and becoming his own man (sigh).

At the event, I was working a game for the kids - pull a lollipop for a quarter and get a prize.  I wasn't able to hover or even spy on him like I usually would.

Dang, foiled!

Again, Sean worked hard.  It appears he was the jack-of-all-trades.  If someone needed a new pot of coffee, Sean was there.  If you needed a mop and bucket, Sean was there.

While he may not have been joking around with the other boys or interacting as much with the public, Sean was still participating and trying his best.

He was doing this all on his own.  What an amazing accomplishment!

And then he did something that practically made me fall off my chair.

My friend and his daughters came in to eat.  They were the ones that had dinner with us a couple of weeks ago.  As routine, I asked Sean if he remembered the girls' names....  He never remembers names. 

Until now....

I was shocked.

I think girls have entered his world.

Now I'm really in trouble!

I think I better go back to hovering and spying....


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