Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Second" Chances

Seriously, Sean?  Seriously?

Running in the hall?  Again?

Like a mother's instinct, I knew... 

I knew when I saw him bolt out of my car Tuesday morning.  Monday was fantastic.  He walked at my pace (slow).  I was thinking that he may have finally gotten it...

Turns out, Monday he was just tired.

Twenty-one days left of school.  Gosh, I remember posting 40 not too long ago.  We're getting there. 


When I got the call from school that he was running, I was livid.  And I was embarrassed as well. 

You begin to think.... Do I stink that much as a parent that I cannot get the simplest rule through my son's head?  We've been working on this since the first days of school!!!!

How many times do we have to have "the talk"?

How many times do we tell him to slow down?  To follow the rules?  To not be so anxious?

How many?

I think it's about 159 and for every day of this school year.

He's in such a rush.... to get from one place to another, to finish his homework, to grow up...

I know I can't keep him as my baby forever.  But slow down, Sean.  Slow down....

After yelling and a page of  "I will not run in the hallway," we went to bed.  Exhausted.  Frustrated.

In the morning, I grabbed my favourite watch - a big, black-banded chunky men's digital - and gave it to Sean. 

I told him to keep track of how long it takes him to go from class to class.  His passing periods are three minutes long - no locker visits allowed.  He should have more than enough time.

And then after school, the girls and I met at the junior high.  We walked his entire schedule at my pace....painfully slow according to him.  One minute, forty-five seconds without the shortcut through the cafeteria.  Fifty-five seconds from math to English.

More than enough time, Sean.  More than enough.

Will it help along the way?  Will time pass more slowly now that he's counting every second?

I don't know.

I do hope that it gets us through the next 21 days.  That's all I want right now.

21 days..... give or take a second or two.

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