Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs-actly What The Doctor Ordered

Sean was sick over the weekend - cold or killer allergies...don't know which yet.

We're not surprised.  Sean is famous for being ill around the holidays.  His first Christmas was a double-ear infection.  His second was spent in the ER getting fluids during a nasty bout with the flu.

Over the years we've learned to adjust along the way...keep things in perspective.

Thus, this holiday's germ invasion didn't stop us from celebrating Easter in our own unique, secular way.  Nothing says "Easter dinner" like leftover Lou Malnati's deep-dish pizza.  Yummy!

We kept it quiet and tried to deal with Sean's blend of illness mixed with adolescent crankiness as best as we could.

When Carissa and Ashley talked about searching for eggs, Sean made it clear that he was not the one that suggested it.

I think my son has finally reached the "I'm too cool for that" phase....

We're not big candy eaters so it was only after being reassured that all the plastic eggs were filled with money that Sean finally picked up his bucket and headed out to the backyard.

Coming from a family of nine children where everything from cookies to ice cream was doled out in equal shares, I made sure that each kid knew they were to pick up only 10 eggs.

Ashley found her's right away.  Carissa came in next.

And Sean wandered.  He had seven.

We attempted to hint with the Hot-Warm-Cold game but only succeeded in making him angry.

He was determined to find the rest on his own.


And you all know how loaded the word "fine" can be....

Eventually he located #8 and then we told him that the rest were hidden inside the screen house.


That wasn't the "backyard."  That wasn't what we had told him.  We had broken our own rules.

I cringed every time Sean looked at the egg sitting on top of the Fisher Price basketball hoop and didn't see it.  One glance, two glances, three... YEA!  Of course, true to his nature, Sean figured out the hardest one located under the grill cover pretty quickly.

Finally, he had ten.

We headed into the house and made our leftovers.  Sean played computer, relaxed, coughed and sneezed.

In other words, just another typical day... another typical holiday for the Lehning family.

We can only wonder what's in store for us next.... Memorial Day is right around the corner!

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