Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Toast, A Toaster, and A Smile

It is just past noon and I am finally beginning to emerge from my NyQuil induced fog.  I am left wondering if Star Jones from Celebrity Apprentice is really going to perform Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in front of Steven Tyler for her American Idol audition.

It all seemed so real.....

Unlike Sean, I believe my symptoms are due to allergies.

This morning would have been the perfect day to call all the kids in sick and go back to bed.  But alas, I found myself once again in the car driving Sean to school.

"How is school going and you can't use the word 'great'?"


I am in no condition to try and outwit my 12 year-old.  I wave the white flag and let him speak.

Sean picks up his favourite subject from the past few days and begins talking about the new game that they are playing at lunchtime with his classroom psychologist.  It's a game called "Attack" and before I start getting hate mail.... it's a boardgame.  They play boardgames all the time.  This particular year they have been playing RISK and now, Attack.  It teaches them to think before they act, to work as a team, and to lose gracefully.

Or that's what we are all hoping for.....

It makes him excited to go to school every day.  One time I scheduled an orthodontist appointment close to lunchtime.  Silly me for not wanting my kid to lose out on classroom time and to be efficient.

Sean told the orthodontist that he (meaning the doc) had to hurry up because he (Sean) had to get back to school.

Thankfully, the team was amused.

Kids will say the darnedest things....

Which brings me full circle back to American Idol and the contestant on it with Aspergers.  I don't know his name and I'm not even sure he's still in the running.  But I do know that a few weeks ago he made a reference to the Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson.  The Internet was all over this poor kid and his comment. 

I felt bad for him.  He made a joke.  Sure it was on a Coke sponsored show but give the kid a break.

He has a quick wit about him.  That should be commended.

And if he were in Vegas or on Saturday Night Live, he'd certainly be getting the big bucks....

So let's celebrate and tip our glasses to the funnies and the quick-witted's amongst us....the people that belt out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with all the gusto and confidence of a trained opera star.

We can all use a few more smiles throughout our day.

I know I can.

Crap, just burned my bagel in the toaster.  Oh well... I wouldn't have been able to taste it anyway.

Have a great day everyone - and smile!

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