Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trying Times...and Trying...and Trying....

"Nice and slow."

The words still hung in the air this morning as Sean opened the car door and bolted for the school entrance.

Oh, that boy....

You have to wonder sometimes with him.  Is it autism or adolescence that is the cause for his selective hearing?

I know as a matter of I-paid-a-$1000-for-a-test-that-is-not-covered-by-insurance fact that Sean does not have an auditory processing disorder.

I did get my parking validated though.  Woo hoo.....

And.... my son does know the meaning of 'slow' as evidenced from a stunt he pulled a couple of weeks ago.

We were driving to school as usual and I was thoroughly enjoying the delay caused by construction that afforded me the luxury of lecturing my captive son for a few extra minutes.  Heck, I could even drive around the block if I sensed he wasn't getting my point.

I was in prime form.  'Slow' was going to be stuck in his head for the entire day if I had my way.  Gave him the definition, used it in a sentence...even spelled it out and ended with an agonizingly drawn out pronunciation.

I was really pleased with myself.

Sean said I was annoying.

And then we pulled up to the school.  He exited the car with the usual "I know, I know" and then did something beyond belief.

He started walking slowly.

I almost burst into applause until I saw his face....and the smirk.

The kid was watching me watch him.  And boy did he put on a show!  

I tried keeping an eye on him in the rear view mirror but exiting the kiss n drive for the junior high is like pit road at a NASCAR race.  Probably more dangerous.

How soon did he break into a run?  Who knows.... He was gone in a flash.

I drove out of  the parking lot shaking my head and muttering, "Smug little...." to the morning DJ. 

Looking back you have to laugh because it is that "typical" moment that you so wish for and cherish.  The day he mouths back at you.  The day he conspires with his sister.  The day he breaks the rules purely for the sake of breaking the rules. 

Which of those adolescent milestones will we hit?  Which ones will autism steal away from us?

I don't know.  Every day is a new challenge.  Every day is a new triumph.  And you never know how those scales will be balanced when night falls.

Will I ever get Sean to walk at a normal pace?  Probably not.  But so far, I'm having fun trying.  And that's all I can do.... try.

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