Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stop The (Bus) Ride...I Want To Get Off !!

Today I have decided to give up Pepsi.  Not forever...yet.  Just for the day.  And I have so stupidly proclaimed my goal on my Facebook page.  My friends will keep me honest and flog me publicly if I fail.

Being the mother of three young children, I'm not sure if this is the wisest of decisions but I hope that this little addictive part of my personality will be replaced with an equally addictiveness to...oh say... eating healthier.

Yea.  Right.  I'll just keep thinking that....

My willpower has already been tested.  This morning as Sean was doing his final preparations for school he brought up the bus....and the rules....again.


Oh, I thought we were over this!!!!!  I thought we had somehow magically made our way through his brain and he got it.


Have wall... will beat head against it.  Hard.  Mine.  Not his.

Of course since the conversation (ok...loud discussion on my part) continued for the duration of the short drive to the junior high, I can only wonder and worry about where it left him.

Will he revert back to his rule-pushing ways today?  Or, will he settle and finally agree that Mom is right?

Throw me a bone, Sean!  Throw me a bone....

I have The Lion King's Circle of Life song filtering through my head right now.... a product of both circumstances and watching Due Date with Robert Downey, Jr. last night.

Ahhhh, the infamous circle... the merry-go-round that just won't stop.

You think you have it figured out and then the rotation brings you right back to where you started.

The bus is my merry-go-round.  My big, ugly, yellow merry-go-round.  And the one working the controls is Sean.  He, alone, will decide when the ride comes to a full and complete stop.  And then we'll move on to the next ride.  And the next. 

An amusement park filled with an infinite number of merry-go-rounds.

Pepsi, anyone?

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