Friday, April 1, 2011

98 Degrees - More Than Just A Band

Carissa is home sick today. 

Sick is simply something that Sean does not do....or at least do well.  Carissa is a champ and can pull off having an ailment like no one else on the planet.  Sean fights it and fights it.

I always know when he is ill by the way he sleeps.  Sean is an early riser.  If he's sleeping in...he's not feeling good.  The call in to the attendance line is a foregone conclusion.

When he was younger it was a real struggle.  The kid would obviously be sick and yet he would cry and beg to go to school.

I'd say, "But Sean, you're sick.  You need to stay home."

"I need to go to school!"

Oh, what to do?  What to do?  Was he more afraid of missing school and the make-up work or the change in routine?  How can I be torturing my kid by making him stay home when he's sick???

Eventually I would insist and he would finally settle down.

I'd set him up on the couch with whatever was needed for the day.  Pillows, blankets, towels...a bucket (a dollar each time you make it!).  Usually he would sleep...

Just as I knew when he was sick, I also knew when he was feeling better....the computer would be on.

Back to school he'd go.

There were days where he was truly sick, days where he was desperately in need of time off from the rest of the world, and then there was the week - yes, a week - where he had to stay home because he injured his neck in a freak bus-is-here-but-coat-is-there incident. 

Not alot but certainly not perfect attendance....

Over the years it became easier to keep him home and Sean grew to appreciate the break more.

But would he ever "play sick" like other kids?  Nah... this kid is simply not capable of manipulating and scamming me to that extent.

Unlike some other child I know in this house.....

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