Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christmas On The Last Day Of March

As I went to sleep last night, one of my final thoughts was "Ok World, what did you do with my autistic kid?"

No need for an Amber Alert.  I knew where he was... right in the next room, semi-asleep.

But what he did yesterday was extraordinary in my view.  In fact, the whole day was filled with moments of astonishment.

It all started before breakfast.  My normally t-shirt wearing, always complaining of being cold son came out of his room dressed in the usual dragging a sweatshirt along the floor.


He even put it on!!!

Double wow.

At music therapy Sean was absolutely fabulous.  He used a new instrument that took some time for him to figure out.  Sean did it with nary a single sign of frustration. 

He was even communicating appropriately - laughing and joking with Mr. Craig - instead of sticking to his agenda of interests and monologues. 

More surprising was the fact that this great session occurred on what was not the original day.  It had been rescheduled - something that we almost never do.  We would rather cancel than reschedule and change Sean's routine.  Rescheduling has proven to be somewhat disastrous in the past.

But today was turning out to be something special....

Then, at dinner - McDonalds in the lobby where I work in the evening - Sean finished telling us about his day at school.  Of course, snippets had been leaked during the last few hours.  Now it all made sense.

Sean's class at the junior high had been instructed to go to the school library and each child was to check out a biography as part of an assignment.  It was no surprise to learn that Sean's "fast walking" meant that he was first at the destination.  What he did next did surprise me...  He's only been in the school library a few times before.  Thus, he's not at all familiar with the layout.

Sean went to the front desk and asked where the biographies were.

Can you believe that???  That is beyond amazing!!  I am so proud of him!!!

Even though he was - and still is - a bit confused as to why a certain aisle was labeled "Gla - I"... he was able to find his book and check it out.

Wow.  Triple wow.

I won't even go into my almost-teenage son cleaning his room - and not just shoving everything in the closet, in the drawers or under his bed but actual use of hangers!!  He stacked.  He grouped.  He put away....

He claims he was bored and didn't have anything to do.  Funny how things get done when the computer stays off all evening.

Sean could barely stay awake for me to get home last night so he could show me.

Yesterday was an amazing day filled with inspiring moments of independence. I was awed, truly awed.   My little boy was beginning to not need me anymore.

Until this morning... when he came out of his room dressed in a green t-shirt and red sweatpants....

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