Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Spring has sprung from the Chicagoland area.  Yep.... it's gone down the street, made a left and caught the first bus out of here.  It's gone South because it's too darn cold!

I was able to kick the kids out of the house and into the backyard for a short time yesterday.  The sun was trying to shine through the cloud cover and it was about 60 degrees. 

The girls grabbed their light jackets and Sean grabbed... what else?  Nothing.  At least he put on sweatpants over his ever-present shorts.

Last Saturday morning it was 28 degrees when we were leaving for gymnastics practice.  Sean was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and his winter coat.

Typical almost-teen or autistic young man???

Years ago I bought a thermometer that I thought would help Sean dress properly for the weather.  It has a little cartoon figure - in my case, a boy - that will be "dressed" according to the temperatures.  His wardrobe varies from a swimsuit to a fully decked-out-for-sledding outfit.

It's kind of cute, fairly accurate, and for $25 worth a try....

And Sean couldn't care less.

Saturday morning I gestured towards the little man all bundled up on the screen and Sean simply waved him off.

"Mom, it's not like I'm standing outside waiting for the bus."

Different scenarios of the car stalling and having to hike to safety - given where I live and the route I take... all of say.... 200 feet - run through this mommy head of mine.

I'm sure impending disaster awaits....

I give in and off we go.  Sean gets in the car and turns the heat on high.  Cold air blasts him.  I turn it down and remind Sean that the car will never warm up during our two mile drive.

He complains he's cold.

I bite my tongue and contain my giggle as Sean's monologues fill the air.


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