Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is it A Guy Thing?

Today is my anniversary.  Seventeen years ago I was running around like an idiot getting my hair done, my make-up... even my car washed.  The attendants at Bert's Car Wash, seeing me in partial wedding get-up, asked me if I was running to or running from.....

I eventually walked down the aisle that afternoon in a dress that cost more than my first year's wages at Dunkin Donuts in 1981, complete with blue socks and new white high tops.

As you can surmise, I was not the typical bride....

So today is my anniversary.  Rich will remember (he better!).  Carissa will remember.  Ashley will get a pass for being too young.

And Sean will have no clue.

What an amazing brain Sean has!  Multiple-step multiplication in his head - sometimes even faster than his genius father.  Capable of memorizing 10-15 minute monologues word-for-word when he was only four or five years old.  Picking out the subtlest of music sound bytes from a commercial or a movie and then years later hearing them again and saying, "Oh, that was in the background of such-and-such commercial."

An amazing mind in deed....

He knows his own birthday and yet he will remember neither his parents' anniversary nor his sisters' special days.

On this day where I will recall much of the detail and Carissa will ask how I felt and what I did almost two decades ago, Rich will remember being left behind by the limo and barely making it to the church on time.

And on this day, Sean will shout "Happy Anniversary" from his loft bed only after his little sisters have announced their congratulations and the day will mean nothing more to him than Grandma Lehning coming over so his parents can go to the all-you-eat buffet.

Afterwards, the day and date will fall away from his short-term memory, never to make it long-term.

For all those husbands out there who can't remember their wive's birthdays and depend on their calendars to escape the doghouse for their anniversaries....

I can only wonder.... are they all autistic as well?  Or is Sean just being a typical guy???

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