Friday, March 4, 2011


Got the shirt - woo hoo!  He left it in another classroom during state testing.  Small victory.

The something that I eluded to in an earlier post.... it's a bus thing.  It's getting worked out but it will take time and effort.  I  think it's amazing that the Utopian society that existed on the bus 30 years ago still survives and actually thrives today even with the addition of bus aides and on-board video cameras.......

Wow, what a day I had yesterday!  On top of Life happening, I had to pay a visit to what is known as the Secretary of State in Illinois, the DMV to some, and H E double hockey sticks to just about everyone else.

My task was simple enough.  Replace the license plate sticker that refused to stick to my clean, dry, garage-kept car with said plate.

Is it ever that simple???

The rudeness I encountered was beyond any that I had ever experienced before.  When the female clerk - during my explanation - said "Whatever" to me, I could not believe it.

I was shocked, appalled.

All I wanted was a sticker that stuck. 

What if Sean was older and I had sent him in to complete this supposedly uncomplicated task?  I want him to be more independent so I insist on him ordering his food at Denny's and checking out his own library books. 

What if???

What.... if....???

I worry about society and the lost art of nice-ness....of compassion....of helping out a fellow human being for absolutely no tangible return.

I worry about our kids.  I do not have any physical disabilities.  I do not, to my knowledge, have any mental deficits.  I do not require any special assistance.

What I do require is respect.

When our child takes those steps towards independence and either stumbles, fumbles, or falls... 

Will they get respect?

Or is the more appropriate question.... How mean and cruel... will the world be to them?

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