Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's A Story....

Sean had a nightmare last night.  I'm not sure what it was about.  I was too much into my NyQuil induced slumber to manage anything more than a passing mumble of "Is he OK?" to my husband as he came back to bed.

This cold/flu/allergy thing that I've been fighting since last week can leave my body anytime.  I promise I won't miss it!  Besides, it's against the rules to make a mom sick.

I just got off the phone with the hubby.... The nightmare was about spiders.

I should have known.  Spiders are the one subject that would cause Sean to bolt from his bed and be unable to not only fall back asleep, but to keep the tv on the rest of the night as light.

I have a fear of spiders.  My husband even knows by the sound of my scream just how big it is.  Orkin has been my best friend.

But Sean has this fear that goes beyond turning on the bathroom light at night and finding that you have a friend looking over you.  No, his fear is intense.

One of his past teachers, a very kind soul, took care to either cover his page or even skip the page altogether if they were reading a story about the dreaded things.  She knew how uncomfortable it would make him. 

As I've said before, some fights aren't worth fighting....

I'm sure there is a dictionary or encyclopedia volume around here with a carefully taped over picture of one of our 8-legged friends.  I certainly do not mind the loss of the visual.

Hmmmm.... maybe the next time Sean has to be punished, instead of writing I should have him watch the Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii??? 

Cruel, perhaps?  Nah, it's the Brady Bunch.  Sean will think it's a hoot when Mrs. Brady discovers that the bag acting as the tarantula's final resting place does not, in fact, hold the pearl necklace that she so desires.

As for me, after last night's incident I was able to fall back asleep only to have a nightmare of my own....

Mine was about the bus.

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