Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Power Failure

Let's talk about money....   Oh, I know, isn't that one of the taboo topics of any dinner party?  Money, sex and religion???  But darling, this ain't no dinner party....

Money is foremost in my mind this morning due to the happenings of a mere 24 hours ago.  I casually pressed the button on the garage door opener and, in my imagination, my bank account opened and money flew threw the air.

I have no power in my detached garage.  None.

The prime suspect is a sidewalk that leads to it.  During the past few weeks we've been noticing that our gate is rubbing on the concrete and you have to kick it hard at the bottom to open it.  I think the freeze/thaw cycles have caused our sidewalk to shift in such a way as to crack the electrical line beneath it.

Did I say crack?  I meant CRAP!!!!

Having left my day job three weeks ago, I see many restless nights ahead of me as the numbers for repair come in.

So let's talk about money.... and the lack of it for most families with autistic children.  Remember a couple of years ago the government passed some kind of bill that was supposed to ease our medical expenses?   Have any of you out there benefited????


Here's how I've been on the receiving end of the government and insurance industry helping me....

Music therapy.... an amazing, fabulous program that has helped Sean through so much of his difficulties with not only sound but also physically and emotionally and absolutely not covered by my insurance company.

Occupational therapy.... Sean could not sit up in a chair in first grade.  He had both gross and fine motor skill difficulties.  When my co-pay went from $20 a visit to $40, I had to cut back on the number of sessions.  The insurance company saw it as Sean no longer needing it.  Eventually, the inevitable occurred and we were denied.

Chiropractic care.... Sean is always tense and the muscles in his back and neck are constantly sore.  He loves the deep pressure as well as the relief.  I think it's quite therapeutic for him but it's not covered.

Speech therapy.... Sean wasn't diagnosed until first grade.  That's too late in the insurer's eyes even though it took us years to get through the system of waiting lists.  Dis and dat will remain part of Sean's vocabulary until I can find the right home remedy because it's not covered either.

Not covered, not covered, not covered.  All of the above, all that Sean either needs or has benefited from, are not covered.   Even to see a psychologist - one that bonds with Sean because working with autistic kids is their speciality - is only partially covered after meeting the deductible.

Aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot by denying our children services when they are younger and better able to benefit from them?

With all the bills and laws, walkouts... health care this and health care that.... they talk about how it will affect the little guy.

I sure hope that the little guy they are talking about is Sean or your child.....

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