Monday, April 18, 2011

A Full Moon in Chicagoland at Christmastime

I awoke to snow covering the newly greened grass.  Guess I can't mow today....

I am assuming that most of the Chicagoland area is grumpy this morning over the setback in weather.  My son is amongst the leaders. 

"When will Spring come?" he moaned this morning.

"Soon, Sean.  Hopefully soon."

My son is adverse to wearing such things as long pants, long-sleeved shirts, coats, socks....  The kid is made for beachfront living on some tropical island.

Clothes bother him.  Confine him.

Every day after school, Sean walks in the door and the shoes are off before the elongated "Helllllllll....llllooooo" is out of his mouth.  The socks are tossed down the hall - never quite making it into the basket.  The door closes on his room and within 5 minutes of departing the bus in full winter gear, he will be stripped down to shorts and a t-shirt.

Every day.  Without fail.

Oh, and no underwear.

I don't know what it is about underwear but he can't stand it.  Briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs... they are all met with the same disdain.

Even Michael Jordan's comfort waistband can't win Sean over.

It took us years - YEARS! - to get Sean used to wearing underwear when he was going out in public.  He was always pretty good about dressing himself.  The shirt might be on backwards or the buttons might be off-kilter, but at least he tried.  His shoes would be on....

Normal people would assume he was ready to go.

Not us.

"Sean, do you have underwear on?"

"Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh."  The overly exasperated sigh and stomping off to his room would mean that I didn't need to phone a friend.

That would be a "No.... Regis.  Final answer."

Sean will be 13 next month.  A milestone indeed.  He has accomplished so much.  Although we still ask every once in awhile, we believe that Sean has even mastered the art of wearing underwear.

However, that still poses a dilemma.

Since he only wears underwear half the time, I don't have to replace them all that often.

Dang, what am I to buy him for Christmas then? 

Because it is, after all, beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there.  Don't you think?

Happy 2 months and over 2300 page views!!!    Thank you everyone... I am extremely humbled.

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